Now is the time


Don’t let the cost of new equipment prohibit your plans for growth. 

Cloud solutions help eliminate the cost required to acquire and maintain your own IT equipment, providing you with complete flexibility and the option to scale up at any point. With industry-leading cloud platforms, no upfront costs and options that include guaranteed up-time, and built-in security; now is the time to discover where Cloud can take your business. 

Refocus staff are partnered with the 2 largest cloud providers and have qualified staff to create a bespoke cloud solution for your business.

No more expensive hardware


AWS & Azure

You no longer have to budget for aging, expensive and power hungry hardware.

With Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, we can provide a place for your servers to exist where uptime is guaranteed and no hardware is needed.

You can easily scale up or down at a predictable cost.





Office 365

Microsoft have been the leader in business software since the beginning of the computer age.

Their cloud platform grant you the same email services Fortune 500 companies use, at an affordable and predictable monthly cost.

Some features include:

  • Sharing calendars between staff members
  • Syncing mail across all your devices
  • Seeing the status of all your colleagues
  • 50 GB Mailbox
  • Storing all email communication in accordance with POPI regulations

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